All surgical eye operations performed in our hospital are carried out with the assistance of an anaesthetist. Any existing conditions are of course taken into consideration in the selection of the anaesthetic procedure. Patients ought to be spared fear, anxiety and most especially pain while the body should be subjected to as little stress as possible.
Surgery is therefore normally performed under a combination of analgosedation (“twilight sleep”) and local anaesthetic. The “twilight sleep” is induced used a sedative and a painkiller. The patient becomes sleepy but is still able to follow the surgeon’s instructions. This may be required in the event of a local anaesthetic being administered by the surgeon or for surface anaesthesia using drops. The patient retains only limited memory of the operation.

Our anaesthetists: Dr. Bettina Zirpel, Dr. Dieter Schleberger, Dr. Sabine Kleinschmidt, Dr. Angelika Muth, Dr. Renate Becker

In special cases, such as with children for example, the operation can also be carried out under general anaesthetic. Following the operation, monitoring by the anaesthetists is continued until the patient can be returned in a stable condition to the care of either the inpatient or outpatient nursing staff.