Performing more than 10,000 surgical operations annually, the Duke Carl Theodor Eye Hospital is one of the leading eye hospitals in Germany. Since 2015 Professor Christos Haritoglou is Chief Physician at the hospital and our 16 attending physicians are specialists in different areas of ophthalmology. The interaction and consultancy between our physicians means the optimum use of the sy­ner­gies within the medical team, providing each patient with the best possible treatment. The focus is always on the pa­tien­t’s well-being –

both with regard to the close cooperation between the physicians within the hospital as well as with the referring opticians responsible for aftercare. Ongoing specialist training is a matter of course: the physicians regularly participate in specialist symposiums and con­gres­ses. They are also active in professional or­gani­sa­tio­ns and pub­li­sh in the relevant professional journals.