treatment on an outpatient and inpatient basis

Patients are generally referred by their optician to an attending physician from among the team of surgeons working with our eye hospital. Following a thorough examination our practitioners then discuss the next course of treatment with the patient, giving the patient the opportunity to ask any questions about any concerns they may have.
All of the necessary preparations are then made for the required operation. Whether the treatment is to be performed on an outpatient or on an inpatient basis depends on the type of therapy in question as well as on the patient’s in­dividual condition. In the case of out­patient surgery, the patient receives attentive care from the nursing staff in our out­patient department both before and after surgery. The operating surgeon of course explains the operation process clearly, together with all of the other measures involved.
If the treatment needs to be carried out on an inpatient basis the patient is shown to his or her


room and the eye hospital’s daily routine is explained. All of our rooms are modern and com­fortably furnished. Following the operation and/or release from the hospital the patient is then returned to the care of the referring practitioner for aftercare.