From Ghana, Kenya and India: specialists enjoying further training at the Duke Carl Theodor Eye Hospital

The Duke Carl Theodor Eye Hospital does not only apply the most progressive operating techniques, is also passes this knowledge on to specialist colleagues from all over the world. This summer will again see three foreign colleagues visiting Munich for several weeks of further training. With the support of the Duke Carl Theodor Eye Hospital foundation, Dr. Wachira from Ghana, Dr. Cofie from Kenya and Dr. Biswas from India will be able to learn more about the latest surgical techniques in the field of ophthalmology and exchange views and information with the eye hospital’s attending physicians. For more than ten years, the Duke Carl Theodor Eye Hospital foundation has been inviting physicians, nursing staff and care personnel from Europe, Asia and Africa to participate in further training at the eye hospital. The training is organised and run by Dr. Carl-Ludwig Schönfeld who himself frequently travels to visit foreign colleagues and familiarise physicians and specialists with the latest developments and technology in the field of ophthalmology. This highly commendable initiative on the part of Dr. Schönfeld is willingly supported by the foundation, also enabling it to fulfil one of its foundation objectives.

For Dr. Charles Cofie in particular the visit to Germany was a special event as this is where he began his career in medicine in 1990. He grew up in Ghana with 20 siblings and it was an overseas scholarship that enabled him to successfully complete his medical studies at Berlin’s Humboldt University. Dr. Cofie returned to his home country following 3 years’ of specialist training in Kenya. After working at a mission hospital and at a military hospital, he opened the Dziram Eye Center in Accra. Dr. Cofie is one of a total of 55 ophthalmologists in Ghana serving some 25 million people.