Assistant Professor Schönfeld is involved in projects in Africa and Asia

Every year, Assistant Professor Carl-Ludwig Schönfeld, attending physician at the Carl Theodor Eye Hospital, travels to countries with under developed ophthalmological care facilities, treating patients locally as well as training ophthalmologists and ophthalmology personnel.

In October this year his extraordinary social commitment took him to Kenya where, in cooperation with Munich’s Ludwig Maximilian University and the departments of Ophthalmology at the University of Nairobi and the National Kenyatta Hospital, he carried out a vitrectomy training programme for what is now the 11th time. This programme enabled a total of 17 vitrectomies could be carried out in one week.
In November Dr. Schönfeld was planning to travel to Burma to carry out cataract operations at the district hospital in Thandwe for 3 weeks, together with Dr. Klauß and Professor Klauß,


but these plans have had to be postponed until next year due to the current unrest in the west of Burma.

In early 2013 Dr. Schönfeld will be travelling to Nepal where he will be carrying out a vitrectomy training programme at the Sagmartha Chaudray Hospital in Lahan and at the Eye Hospital in Biratnagar.