A Farewell from the Foundation Board

After a very successful period of office spanning 42 years, His Highness Herzog Max of Bavaria decided to step down from the HCT Eye Clinic Foundation Bord and did so on 30 June 2015. To mark the occasion, the Herzog's family, colleagues and doctors from the Clinic itself gathered on 15 May at Schloss Tegernsee, together with long-standing companions, to bid him a truly fitting farewell. Guests were officially welcomed by the Herzog's daughter Anna, Herzogin of Bavaria, who now follows her father as the Wittelsbach family representative on the Board. The Clinic Choir serenaded guests and all enjoyed the speech by Board member, Herr Roth, in appreciation of the Herzog Duke and the service he has given the Foundation. Peter Clemente's string sextet added a delightful musical accompaniment to the proceedings with Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante, as did the Weinberg Zithermusi under the direction of Roman Messerer with pieces composed by His Highness' great grandfather.


Chief Physician at the Eye Clinic, Professor Haritoglou and Gudrun Feltmann-von-Schroeder both gave very stimulating talks about the eye conditions of a number of leading painters, and about the close links between wolves and dogs.

The program of the evening had deliberately been kept secret from the Duke and he warmly thanked all those involved in the surprise.