Academic research

Dr. Linda Maren Meyer, attending physician at the Herzog Carl Theodor Eye Clinic, in partnership with Dr. Alfred Wegener of the University of Bonn Eye Clinic, is working on a research project investigating immunological interconnectedness between the left and the right eye. Evidence of interconnectedness of this type in both eyes would be of significant scientific and clinical importance in the development of possible therapeutic approaches to a range of eye conditions. Preliminary work carried out before the study itself showed early indications, as unidirectional UV-radiation of one eye brought about a slight clouding of the lens in the eye which had not received radiation. Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), the German society for research, this project will run until 2017.

li: electron-microscopical image of lens-fibre cells/re: induced cataract after UV-radiation

Dr. Linda Maren Meyer studied Medicine in Bonn and Stockholm. She was awarded her PhD in 2008 by the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. Following specialist training in Bonn and Munich, she joined the Herzog Carl Theodor Eye Clinic in 2009.