Together with your operating surgeon you have opted for treatment on an inpatient basis. This has the advantage of you being able to receive treatment around the clock and that you will not have to come back to the hospital for the after-treatment. Our physicians and our nursing staff will ensure that your brief stay in our hospital is as pleasant as possible. Our comfortable rooms will afford you the peace and quiet you will need following the operation. You will generally be admitted as an inpatient the day before the operation. This ensures that there is enough time for the discussion with the eye surgeon during which the operation and the anaesthesia will be explained to you in detail. Please bring your health insurance card, your referral letter and your glasses with you upon admission. We will also need a list of your medication and the reports from your ophthalmologist


Please also remember to bring your toiletries, nightwear and non-slip slippers. You will be released to go home following the successful completion of your surgery and the post-surgery examinations.