Physicians and nursing staff from Europe, Asia and Africa have been coming to Munich for more than ten years now to undertake training at the hospital. The foundation covers the travel and accommodation costs. The training courses are organised and run by Dr. Carl-Ludwig Schönfeld who also frequently travels abroad to familiarize physicians and specialist staff there with the latest ophthalmology developments and techniques.
The Herzog Carl Theodor Eye Hospital Foundation is a charitable organisation. It is subject to ongoing checks by the state foundation supervisory authority and by the tax authorities to whom its annual accounts are submitted. Its status as a charity means, for instance, that donors are able to claim their donations on their tax returns. This also enables donations to the foundation to be made by provisions in a will. The foundation is committed to maintaining the high quality of treatment and the outstanding level of care, now and in the future.


This means that, in this age of increasing health cuts, donations of any kind are most welcome as a contribution towards achieving this goal. The board of executives will be willing to provide a discreet and gratuitous consultation to anyone wishing to help and support the eye hospital in this way.