how it all started

The eye hospital was founded in Bavaria in 1895 by the medical doctor Duke Carl Theodor. By that time, the Duke was already an acclaimed expert in the field of ophthalmology. Having practised alternately in Tegern­see, Meran and Munich over 15 years, he was then able to put his vision for the treatment of ophthalmic patients into practice in his own hospital. With the support of his wife, the Duchess Maria Josefa, the Duke gave priority to the treatment of underprivileged patients on a free of charge basis. He financed the eye hospital as a “charitable institution for underprivileged eye patients” from his personal assets, treatment fees from affluent pa­tien­ts being largely negligible.

Duke Carl Theodor practised in the eye hospital at 43 Nymphen­burger Straße up until his death in 1909, performing more than 5,000 cataract ­operatio­ns during this time.