The foundation is run by a board of executives and has the statutory requirement that a member of the founder family should sit on the board. This has been His Highness Duke Max of Bavaria since 1973. The other members of the board are the solicitor Frieder Roth as chairman, the solicitor Jens Wernick and Duchess Anna of Bavaria.

The board of executives is assisted by the advisory board comprising:

  • Professor Bernhard von Barsewisch, Groß Pankow Outpatient Eye Hospital;
  • Professor Anselm Kampik, Director of the Ludwig Maximilian University Eye Hospital in Munich;
  • Professor Heinrich Fürst, Chief Physician at the Martha-Maria Hospital in Munich and
  • Dr. Wolfgang Piller, solicitor and former head of the Bavarian State Chancellery.

Since 2015 Professor Christos Haritoglou is Chief Physician at the eye hospital.

The Executive Board of the Duke Carl Theodor Eye Hospital Foundation: Duchess Anna of Bavaria, Dr. Claudia Strößner, Jens Wernick

There are 15 self-employed ophthalmologists (attending physicians) performing surgery at the eye hospital – with their different specialist areas they ensure the best possible medical treatment for our patients. The patients’ other needs are attended to by the around 90 nursing and administrative staff.